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Painless Perfect Torc Transmission Controller

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Painless Perfect Torc Transmission Controller

Painless Perfect Torc Transmission Controller is a state-of-the-art stand-alone transmission controller for the General Motors 4-speed 4L60/65E and 4L80/85E automatics. Fully compatible with carburated, fuel injected and diesel engines. Laptop software included with several "base" calibrations to start off with for each application. A VSS output is included for EFI swaps and aftermarket speedometers. Allows for paddle shifting and has two separate shift tables for both street and performance shifting.

  • Push-Button Shifting:
    This system includes three momentary push buttons that can be used to upshift and downshift the transmission once the manual lever is pulled into drive. The third push-button is used for enabling/disabling the push-button option.

  • Table Select:
    This allows two different shift tables to be calibrated for one vehicle. Using the included toggle switch; one can simply have a street calibration in Table 1 and a drag strip calibration for Table 2.

  • Speedometer Signal Output:
    This signal from the TORC module can be calibrated to compensate for tire size changes, third member gear ratio changes and to accurately syncronize an aftermarket speedometer using a GPS device. It can also be calibrated to send the correct signal to most aftermarket Electronic Fuel Injection Systems.

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    Perfect Torc Transmission Controller

    Perfect Torc Transmission Controller
  • GM 4L60E/4L65E/4L80E/4L85E Transmissions
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