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QuickCar Racing Products Battery Cable Kits

QuickCar Racing
QuickCar Racing Products Battery Cable Kits

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QuickCar Racing Products has set the standard for battery cables in the racing industry. The fine-stranded, rope-lay copper construction offers the absolute best in current carrying capabilities, while the 105 degree centigrade insulation can withstand the high temperatures and chemicals present in an automotive environment. QuickCar has spent years in research and development to manufacture a cable with the characteristics suitable for the high standards of the racing industry. Many Winston Cup and Busch Grand National teams, along with some of the industry's most respected chassis builders, have recognized the quality construction; they now demand QuickCar power cables in their cars.

2 Products
Battery Cable Kits

Battery Cable Kit
  • 15' Red #2 Gauge power cable
  • 2' Black #2 Gauge ground cable
  • 2 Battery Terminals
  • 8 Gold-plated Power Ring Wire Terminals
  • Shrink tubing
  • $83.95
    Drag Cable Kit

    Drag Battery Cable Kit
  • Dual Battery System
  • 25' Red #2 Gauge Power Cable
  • 8' Black #2 Gauge Ground Cable
  • 2 Pairs Battery Terminals
  • 14k Gold-Plated Power Ring Terminals
  • Shrink Tubing
  • $141.95

    2 Products