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RAM Hydraulic Clutch Adjuster Kit

RAM Clutches
RAM Hydraulic Clutch Adjuster Kit

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Factory hydraulic systems do not allow for adjustment of the pedal position, often resulting in a high engagement point when using aftermarket clutches. The RAM system allows you to adjust your pedal position lower to the floor for better driver comfort. Additionally, this system will allow you to minimize the release of your clutch system for racing applications. Some vehicles experience shifting problems at higher RPM due to overcentering, or overtravel of the clutch fingers. By limiting this travel and setting the clutch pedal for minimum release this overtravel situation can be eliminated, restoring clean shifts at high RPM.
The RAM adjustment system can also be used with most any aftermarket internal hydraulic bearing to allow the same benefits listed above. In these cases the bearing travel can be pre-set prior to completing the install to insure the bearing assembly will not be overtraveled, thus eliminating the possibility of prematurely wearing or damaging the bearing slave.

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Hydraulic Clutch Adjuster Kit
  • Allows T/O Bearing Travel Adjustment
  • Adjust Clutch Pedal Height
  • Hose Length: 12"
  • $141.99

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