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Red Line Lightweight Racing ATF

Red Line Oil
Red Line Lightweight Racing ATF

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A proven choice for Super-class, Comp, and bracket racing, this ATF was originally developed with NMRA for use with turbocharged and supercharged heads-up doorslammers (where fluid failures are an every-day experience). Most fluids in these top ADRL, NMCA, ORSCA, and PSCA classes are thrown away in one run due to extreme collection of heat. This fluid resists this abuse to enable proper torque converter lock up, better clutch and gear wear, and the ability to make multiple runs without a fluid change. This fluid's low viscosity offers less frictional drag for quicker ETs and more MPH, too. Testing in Super Comp and Top Dragster provided .03- to .05-seconds of increased consistency.

  • Recommended for Powerglide, TH400, Torqueflight and other racing automatics
  • Extreme heat resistance improves gear wear and torque converter lock-up
  • Provides extreme pressure protection and better film strength
  • Low viscosity; gets up to temperature quickly yet maintains lower operating temps

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    Racing Lightweight ATF designed for use where Type-F, Dexron, and Mercon fluids are recommended in both bracket and heads-up drag racing transmissions.

    Red Line Oil 30314 - Red Line Lightweight Racing ATF
    Racing lightweight ATF
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    Red Line Oil 30316 - Red Line Lightweight Racing ATF
    Racing lightweight ATF
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    Racing lightweight ATF
  • 5 Gallon
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    3 Products