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Russell Hose & Fitting Assembly Lube

Russell Hose & Fitting Assembly Lube

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Precision Hose and Fitting Assembly Lube

  • Allows easy assembly and disassembly of hose ends.
  • Prevents galling during assembly.
  • Will not damage inner liner of hose.
  • Can be used as multi-purpose lubricant.
  • Meets the requirements of high/low temperature applications.

    Anti-Seize Thread Sealant

  • INstant seal for use on pipe threads.
  • Eliminates the use of Teflon tape.
  • Non-hardening, non-curing compound.
  • Instant self-sealing.
  • Can be used as gasket and flange sealant.
  • Resistant to fuels, lubricants, anti-freeze and fluorocarbons.
  • -60

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    Assembly Lube and Sealant Kit

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