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CarTech Books: Rusty Pickups, American Workhorses Put to Pasture

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CarTech Books: Rusty Pickups, American Workhorses Put to Pasture

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Since the 1920s, pickup trucks have been the workhorses of American culture. The need for work trucks extends from the most urban environment to the most rural farm, and while they exist to carry heavy loads, pickups have become more than just beasts of burden. It's not unusual to see them parked behind farm buildings or stashed away in dark garages - gone, but not forgotten. The image of a once loved, but now abandoned vintage pickup truck resonates with memories of a simpler time. The images in Rusty Pickups, when captured by a talented and creative photographer like Mike Harrington, make a great collection brimming with nostalgia. When these dramatic images are teamed with print sales advertisements from when the truck was new, the resulting difference makes the book even more compelling. The contrast of the ad writer's enthusiasm for a brand new pickup truck years ago and the reality of that same ghostly hunk of steel fighting the elements some 40-80 years later is truly intriguing. Rusty Pickups captures the attention of the pickup truck enthusiast as well as the art student and photo hobbyist.

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Rusty Pickups: American Workhorses Put to Pasture
  • Author: Mike Harrington
  • Pages: 144
  • Photos: 241 Color
  • Binding: Hardcover
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