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SLP GTO Brake Control Kit

SLP GTO Brake Control Kit

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An SLP exclusive, this unit is designed to fit both automatic and manual transmission GTO applications. Here's how it works: Press the brake pedal and flip the brake control solenoid switch. Remove your foot from the pedal, and the solenoid maintains line pressure to the front brakes until the switch is released. This makes it easy to heat the rear tires in the burnout box, while minimizing wear and tear on your car's rear brake components. You can also use the system to prevent a manual transmission car from rolling out of the staging beams at the starting line.

This kit is custom-fitted to the GTO chassis and is fully compatible with the factory anti-lock braking and traction-control systems. It includes a waterproof electrical solenoid, CNC-bent steel lines with OE fittings, all necessary mounting hardware, and detailed installation instructions.

Note: Slight modification to one factory brake line required

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SLP 24050 - SLP GTO Brake Control Kit
Brake Control Kit
  • 2004 Pontiac GTO
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