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Simpson SFI-15 Driving Shoes

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This Is One of the Highest SFI Rated Shoes, Anywhere!
SFI 3.3/15 RATED

Simpson developed one of the only SFI 3.3/15 rated shoes on the the market today! This driving shoe is built for the classes where a -15 rating is required and your only choice was a heavy, bulky boot. This is the first driving shoe on the market with an exceptional TPP rating of 60, which is a full 30 seconds of exposure time! The TPP rating is the capability to provide Thermal Protective Performance (TPP) in the presence of both direct flame and radiant heat. The purpose of the TPP is to measure the length of time the person wearing the garment can be exposed to a heat source before incurring a second degree, or skin blistering, burn.

  • Double Speedfit Ankle Closure for Ultimate Support and Comfort
  • Fire Resistant Shoe lace Cover for Added Protection
  • TPP Rating of 60
  • Includes SFI Approved Tag

    Shoe Size Conversion Chart

    Note: Sizes Shown are for Men.
    Ladies should order 1.5 sizes down from your typical size to adjust.