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TCI Constant Pressure Valve Bodies

TCI Constant Pressure Valve Bodies

TCI's new Constant Pressure Valve Bodies eliminate one of the most common installation errors made by pros and amateurs alike - Improper TV cable adjustment. The cable is left either unhooked or incorrectly adjusted, the internal clutches and bands slip, causing great internal friction and loss of transmission efficiency.

The TCI Constant Pressure Valve Body allows proper operation while removing slippage and avoiding common transmission destruction. While the TV cable needs to be connected for part-throttle transmission shift operation, these valve bodies allow more freedom as line pressure is fixed so that there is no chance of a low pressure condition resulting in damage to your transmission.

  • Eliminates chance of transmission failure
  • Fixed line pressure with no chance of low line pressure condition
  • Improved shift characteristics
  • Compatible with stock and aftermarket transmissions

  • 4 Products

    Constant Pressure Valve Body
  • 1987-92 GM 700R4
  • $338.99
    Order Today Ships 08/20/15

    Constant Pressure Valve Body
  • 1982-86 GM 700R4
  • $338.99

    Constant Pressure Valve Body
  • 1981-90 GM 2004R
  • $328.99
    Order Today Ships 08/12/15

    Constant Pressure Valve Body
  • 1980-93 Ford AOD
  • $264.99
    Order Today Ships 08/28/15

    4 Products