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TCI Pro-X Racing Powerglide Transmissions

TCI Pro-X Racing Powerglide Transmissions

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TCI PRO-X Powerglide Transmission has been proven in drag cars running 6.70 seconds at 220+ mph!

The secret to the success of the PRO-X Powerglide Transmission is in the high-quality internal components designed and engineered after years of in-the-field testing. These amazing transmissions feature the Turbo Spline PRO-X Ringless Input Shaft, 10-Clutch Hi-Gear Bearing Drum Kit and HDT (Heat Dissipating Technology) Coated Reid Bearing Case. Highly dependable, TCI triple-checks and AxiLine computer dyno-tests these transmissions, which include the best of all race-oriented parts, including the PRO-X Ringless-Style Gerotor Pump and X-Wide Kevlar Band, HDT Coated Aluminum Deep O-Ringed Pan and Hi-Flow Filter System to ensure proper fluid circulation.

  • Turbo Spline Ringless Input Shaft
  • 10 Clutch Hi-Gear Drum
  • Hot Coated
  • Gerotor Front Pump
  • X-Wide Kevlar Band
  • Deep Aluminum Pan

    Note: Speedometer drive gear and driven gear not included.

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    Standard Length

    Pro-X Powerglide Transmission
  • 1.80 Straight-Cut Planetaries
  • $119
    Order Today Ships 12/03/15


    Pro-X Shorty Powerglide Transmission
  • 1.76 Vasco Planetaries
  • $119
    Order Today Ships 12/03/15

    2 Products