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TCI Transmission Control Unit System

TCI Transmission Control Unit System

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Control Your 4L60E or 4L80E
The new breed in automatic transmissions are controlled by ECU controller units. TCI's newest offering is a Transmission Control Unit (TCU) designed specifically to allow the user maximum control and tuning of it's T-Com software. You have the choice of line pressures, shift timing and firmness of shift for both upshift and downshift points. A feature exclusive to T-Com is the ability to have part throttle shifts as a function of road speed while the Wide Open Throttle shifts can be a function of engine rpm. Tuning is quick and simple.

TCU SYSTEMS INCLUDE: · Transmission Controller Unit in shock-resistant and waterproof case · Complete wiring harness with labled connectors · T-Com PC software, instructions and 5 ft. communication cable for TCU to laptop

Initial calibration only requires answering a few quick questions in the calibration program. Tire size and gear ratio are plugged in to assure proper speed data. The installer also answers whether the unit is a 4L60E or a 4L80E and the controller is ready to go. Additional calibration is only required if the user wishes to customize the shift characteristics to suit their wishes. Comes with complete instruction sheets and wiring diagram.

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Adapters and Harnesses

TCI 377200 - TCI Transmission Control Unit System
TCU Throttle Position Sensor Adapter Harness
  • Allows TCU Main Harness to Pigtail into Existing TPS While Still Fuctioning with the Existing ECU
  • $56.99
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    TCI 377300 - TCI Transmission Control Unit System
    Speedometer Control Unit
  • Pigtails into the Electronic Speedometer Harness and has a Connection to Power a Cable Driven Speedometer
  • FREE
    Order Today Ships 05/12/16
    TCI 377301 - TCI Transmission Control Unit System
    Speedometer Cable
  • 5/8'' Threaded Style (Pre-1972) Cable Only Requires #890-377300 to Function
  • $63.99
    Order Today Ships 05/12/16
    TCI 377400 - TCI Transmission Control Unit System
    Remote TPS and Mount
  • GM Type Throttle Position Sensor
  • Works Well with Carbureted Applications
  • Requires the use of TV Cable Bracket #890-376700 or 890-376705
  • FREE

    Replacement Software

    T-Com WP Replacement Disk
  • T-Com WP Floppy Disk
  • $19.99
    Order Today Ships 05/12/16

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