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Thermo-Tec High Velocity Exhaust Jacket

Thermo Tec
Thermo-Tec High Velocity Exhaust Jacket

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The new quick-wrap high-velocity Exhaust Jackets are a quick and easy way to install heat insulation on to your headers. The design is so user friendly they can even be installed with the headers still on the vehicle. The jacket kits are designed to cover the tubes vertically and by using the included clamps and clips allows for a custom fit. The fit allows the exhaust system to expand as it comes up to operating temperatures without restrictions and provides air space for added insulation if required. The material is 8" wide and comes in either 12' (4 or 6 cylinder) or 16' (8 cylinder) lengths. The Jacket can withstand continuous temperatures up to 2000º F. Made in the U.S.A.!

  • Keeps radiant heat in the headers primary tubes
  • Kit choices based on engine style
  • Can be installed with the headers on the vehicle

  • 2 Products

    4 and 6 Cylinder Exhaust Jackets

    4 and 6-Cyl Exhaust Jacket
  • 8in. x 12ft.
  • $71.99

    8 Cylinder Exhaust Jackets

    8-Cyl Exhaust Jacket
  • 8in. x 16ft.
  • $90.99

    2 Products