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Thermo-Tec Seam Tape

Thermo Tec
Thermo-Tec Seam Tape

The Thermo-Tec new Seam Tape is a high quality tape engineered for taping up the seams created during the installation of Thermo-Tec's sound and heat barrier insulation products, providing a continuous reflective heat barrier with a finished, professional look.

Seam Tape is a double foil layer and stays put in both warm and cold weather conditions.

Tape is flame retardant, highly puncture proof and rip resistant.
Made in the U.S.A.!

  • Designed for taping panel seams
  • Provides a continuous flame retardant heatbarrier
  • Leaves a finished, professional look
  • Works well in both warm and cold weather conditions
  • Highly puncture proof and tear resistant

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    Thermo Tec 13997 - Thermo-Tec Seam Tape
    Seam Tape
  • 2" x 30ft
  • Silver Color
  • $23.07

    1 Product