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Thermo-Tec Snap Straps

Thermo Tec
Thermo-Tec Snap Straps

Thermo-Tec Snap Straps are the perfect choice if you need to clamp or hold and item in place for multiple high temperature applications. The thin stainless steel straps have a narrow profile to fit into tight spots, and last a very long time.

The straps design makes them easy to use and with a tough multi-lock system they will hold securely in place. Snap straps come in 9" and 18" lengths or in kits with lengths and quantities for specific engine types.

Made in the U.S.A.!

  • Perfect for securing exhaust wrap
  • Narrow profile to fit in tight spots
  • Easy to use slide through fasteners
  • Cut to fit for exact lengths

  • 4 Products

    18" straps

    Snap Strap Kit 6 Pack
  • 6-18" Straps
  • $26.99

    9" straps

    Snap Strap Kit 12 Pack
  • 12-9" Straps
  • $35.99

    Engine Type Kit

    V-8 Snap Strap Kit
  • 8-9" Straps and 4-18" Straps
  • $33.99

    V-6 Snap Strap Kit
  • 6-9" Straps and 4-18" Straps
  • $31.99

    4 Products