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Thermo-Tec Turbo Wrap Kit

Thermo Tec
Thermo-Tec Turbo Wrap Kit

The Turbo Kit was designed to protect, improve performance, and reduce turbo lag of a turbo charger. We all know the key to engine performance is loweing temperatures in the engine compartment, did you know the key to turbo performance is to keep a flow of high temperature exhaust gases quickly moving through the exhaust side impeller.

This complete kit contains the heat produced by a turbo, fits a wide variety of turbines. The custom cut-to-fit kit comes with an excessive amount of material to cover turbos from the smallest automotive application to heavy-duty truck applications.

Two Turbo Kits are available - a four cylinder kit, and a six or eight cylinder kit. Each kit contains a roll of Exhaust Insulating Wrap in 1" or 2" widths, 1 yard of Aluminized Heat Barrier, and a 3' X 6" piece of Exhaust Insulating Wrap. Hardware and instructions are included. Also available with the turbo insulation cover only.Made in the U.S.A.!

  • Reduce engine compartment temperatures
  • Reduces turbo lag
  • Available in kits for small or large housing turbos

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    Turbo Wrap Kits

    Thermo Tec 15001 - Thermo-Tec Turbo Wrap Kit
    Turbo Wrap Kit
  • 4-cyl Motors
  • Small Housing
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    Thermo Tec 15002 - Thermo-Tec Turbo Wrap Kit
    Turbo Wrap Kit
  • V6/V8 Motors
  • Large Housing
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    Turbo Isulation Boot

    Thermo Tec 15003 - Thermo-Tec Turbo Wrap Kit
    Turbo Insulation Boot
  • Boot Only
  • Small And Large Housings
  • $41.70

    3 Products