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US Body Fiberglass Trunk Lids

US Body
US Body Fiberglass Trunk Lids

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US Body Fiberglass Trunk Lids are designed to keep vehicles lightweight and free of rust. Other companies outsource their components while family owned and operated US Body Source uses quality materials to manufacture their products to high standards right here in the United States. Since 1987, US Body Source has supplied automotive enthusiasts and racers in all forms of competition with exclusive composite body parts.

  • Lift-Off or Bolt-On Lid
  • Sandable Gelcoat Exterior Finish
  • Black Lacquered Fiberglass Textured Underside
  • 90° Edge on Sides Help Maintain Body Contours
  • Made in the USA

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    Chrysler / Plymouth / Dodge

    US Body NET-2 - US Body Fiberglass Trunk Lids
    Fiberglass Trunk Lid
  • 1968 Coronet
  • Lift-Off
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