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VHT Spray Plate Finish

VHT Spray Plate Finish

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VHT SPRAY PLATE FINISHES PLUS is a unique quick-dry formula that produces a plate like finish. When a high gloss metallic finish is desired, this product is the closest to a plate finish that is attainable in an aerosol can. Excellent for touch-up or refinishing sealed metal, plaster or wood.
VHT plate finishes are a blend of high gloss epoxy resins and finely ground metals that produce a brilliant finish. Rust inhibitors are added to act as a barrier against corrosion. This unique epoxy enamel is non-tarnishing and can be used interior or exterior.

Application: For best results on all surfaces, prime the substrate with white VHT SANDABLE PRIMER. This will seal the surfaces and accent the color of the finish coat. Sand the surfaces to remove all gloss, rust and dirt. Apply VHT SANDABLE WHITE PRIMER in light even coats sanding between coats with a lightweight sandpaper before applying the finish coat. Hold the can 12 to 16 inches from the surface being painted spraying in long even coats until a smooth even color is achieved. Allow 20 minutes between coats. Apply the final coat 8 to 10 inches from the surface following the wet pattern of the spray from top to bottom being careful not to run the final coat. Buff the painted surface with a gloss wax in about 15 days to enhance the luster of the finish.

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VHT SP5251 - VHT Spray Plate Finish
VHT Plate Finish
  • 11 oz.
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