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World Products Man O'War 10° & 18° Aluminum Cylinder Heads

World Products
World Products Man O'War 10° & 18° Aluminum Cylinder Heads

Man O'War 10° Aluminum Cylinder Heads
The ultimate head for Windsor applications is here! Six-bolt per cylinder head attachment mates with World's famous Man O'War six-bolt block. These heads are designed to handle big boost and high, nitrous-fed cylinder pressures. A .600" thick deck insures stability.
Soon to be available with 275 and 285cc intake runners for big cam, monster flow applications. The tight 10° valve angle assures fast burn in the 64cc chambers and raised intake and exhaust ports move air quickly. Designed for sheet metal intakes only.

Man O'War 18° Aluminum Cylinder Heads
If you want wake -up your Windsor-based project, these heads will work for you. A great value in the as-cast field, these head designs will flow plenty of air. The 200cc head is great upgrade from the restrictive stock design heads found on most Windsors. 2.020'' intake valves and relocated spark plug holes in the 64cc chambers allow a rapid combustion process. Attention has been paid to the exhaust ports, which are a great improvement to a traditional Ford weak point.
The 235cc head is for more aggressive, dual purpose cars. Ideal for street blowers or turbos, these pass a ton of air. The exhaust port here is a significant departure from those normally seen in Windsor designs and will prove very effective with proper camshaft selection. Big 2.100'' by 1.625'' valves are not so big as to hurt velocity. These also have 64cc chambers.

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Man O'War Aluminum 302/351 Ford Cylinder Heads - 18° Valve Angle

Man O'War Aluminum 302/351 Ford Cylinder Head
  • 18° Valve Angle
  • 200cc Intake Runner
  • 2.020'' x 1.600'' Valve Dimensions
  • 1.550 Dual Spring Diameter
  • 64cc Combustion Chamber
  • Assembled Head, Sold Individually
  • Was: $874.99
    Now: $699.99

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