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ZEX Adjustable Nitrous Bottle Heater

ZEX Nitrous
ZEX Adjustable Nitrous Bottle Heater

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Want your nitrous system to deliver the best performance possible? Heat it up with the ZEX Adjustable Nitrous Bottle Heater. Performance enthusiasts know that heating your nitrous bottle to achieve 900-1000psi is the key to ultimate nitrous system performance. To achieve this, the ZEX heater features a fully adjustable, precision pressure control switch. This not only lets you tune bottle pressure to your liking, but having the heater controlled by a pressure switch results in the most consistent and reliable way to maintain race winning nitrous horsepower.

In addition to the adjustability and precision of the ZEX bottle heater's design, the kit also features an industry leading 240 watt heater element. This high power element warms up cold bottles in just minutes and gives you the heating power needed to properly maintain consistent nitrous pressures under all racing conditions.

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ZEX Nitrous 82369 - ZEX Adjustable Nitrous Bottle Heater
Adjustable Nitrous Bottle Heater
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