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ADDCO Sway Bars

Get control of your car when passing another car or cruising through some aggressive turns. Sway bars are your best friend to keep all 4 wheels planted on the ground and the body from rolling. You can feel the shift in the car if you've come into a corner a little fast: The body rolls (tips) a little or a lot depending on your car, towards the outside of the turn. A left hand turn would load the weight on the right side of the car. If you load more of the vehicle's weight on the outside 2 wheels, the inside wheels have lost some weight making them less effective at gripping the road. ADDCO sway bars can counter act body roll and loss of traction. Choosing the right replacement sway bar is important. ADDCO makes it easy. They are the sway bar/anti-roll bar experts. ADDCO makes quality suspension parts that you can count on for great performance!