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You might know AFCO as the coil over shock company. AFCO makes specialized shocks for racing and the street, but it also makes a number of other suspension parts including spindles, chassis bushings, rod ends and more. Drag racers have been using AFCO suspension and brake components for years to help them win races. AFCO develops builds shocks and brakes specifically for the needs of drag racers. AFCO coil springs are also available from JEGS in 50 pound increments to tune your suspension. You can count on JEGS to have the AFCO performance products you need at a price that can't be beat.

AFCO Information

AFCO springs are made with chrome silicon wire for its increased tensile strength, longevity and spring rate consistency. To endure high performance applications, springs are cold wound and heat treated two times. As an added step, springs are shot peened and coated which add to the life of the spring as well as strength. Some plating methods will weaken springs. AFCO coats them to avoid weakening of the unit.

AFCO aluminum street shocks can make your car ride and perform its best. For street cars, performance and great looks have to be included in any shock. Aluminum shock bodies are threaded for easy suspension adjustment. The aluminum shock body looks gorgeous and will dress-up any suspension system. You don't have to worry about replacing AFCO Hot Rod shocks. They are rebuildable for extended life. Street shocks differ from racing shocks in very important ways. Street rod and muscle car shocks are made to be more forgiving. Shocks provide sensitive reaction to small bumps in the road as well as giving your vehicle firm response to body roll on normal driving conditions. Street oriented shocks tend to be less harsh than racing shocks. Valving inside the shock allows the ride you need for the street. AFCO shocks also incorporate a leak proof design.