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For more than 60 years, Aeroquip performance products have been the number one choice of racing enthusiasts around the world and JEGS is proud to offer Aeroquip Fittings and hose at the absolute everyday lowest price. Aeroquip is the only leading performance plumbing supplier that engineers and manufactures its own hose and fittings. JEGS keeps an extensive inventory of Aeroquip hoses and fittings so you can get what you need quickly.

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Aeroquip Information

Hose and fitting failure is really not an option in racing. Aeroquip engineers a number of specialty hose and fitting products for fuel delivery, vacuum, air conditioning, brake lines, transmission lines and clutch lines. Specialty hose applications include lightweight race hose with increased abrasion and fire resistance, high pressure hose, Teflon hose and others. Aeroquip products are made to be as beautiful in your engine bay as they are functional. Street rodders will like the selection of colors and material choices to match their engine styling and colors.

Reusable fittings are among the most popular products from Aeroquip. Available in red, blue and black aluminum, these hose ends offer better flow with less risk of leaking. Swivel and non-swivel versions of the fittings are offered. They are easier to use than cutter style fittins and are reuable, making them a great buy. They may only be used with select Aeroquip hose.

Aluminum crimp fittings are assembled with the ProCrimp crimp machine. They are lightweight and easy to use. The one piece design increases flow. Hose ends are smooth, making them a nice addition to any engine compartment. Crimp fittings may be used with select Aeroquip hose.

Aeroquip Socketless Fittings are easy to assemble, requiring no tools and no clamps and are used with Aeroquip Socketless Hose. They are a one piece design for greater flow and can be reused. You can get them in a few colors to match your engine color.

Aeroquip AC fittings are nickel plated to resist corrosion as well as providing a great look. AC fittings are reusable and offer an O-ring ferrule that provides a superior seal. Refrigerant charge ports can be positioned as needed in most applications.