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Over the years, AIRAID Premium Filter Company has become the recognized leader in air management for both gasoline and diesel power plants. Extensive research and development has allowed AIRAID to come to market first with high-quality products that improve drivability and performance. Plus, many AIRAID filters and kits are easy to install. Airaid cold air kits are made specifically for a particular vehicle so they fit without the problems of some air intake kits. Airaid, the air intake experts, have also expanded their product line to offer a complete line of AIRAIDŽ Intake Systems and PowerAidŽ Throttle Body Spacers which JEGS carries in stock at guaranteed low prices. Made In The USA!

Airaid - Cold Air Intake Systems

With the evolution of fuel injection came the need for performance air intake systems. Cold air kits work better for building power than simple filter systems that pull in engine bay air. Air outside of the vehicle's engine area is generally cooler than under the hood. Because cold air is more dense than warmer air, engines can build more power when cold air is brought into the cylinder. Airaid was at the forefront of cold air intake technology designing and manufacturing early upgrade kits to improve engine performance.

Airaid builds their filters with layers of cotton gauze with a layer of synthetic fiber material between an aluminum or stainless mesh. The application dictates stainless steel or aluminum. Airaid filters trap very fine dust particles to keep your engine running on the cleanest air possible. Ordinary filters usually miss the small dirt. Hand poured urethane is used to form the casing on Airaid cold air intakes and is extremely tough. The case won't crack or deform from engine heat.

You can get an Airaid cold air kit for most popular gas and diesel vehicles. Airaid kits are one of the best bang for the buck products out there. Plus, Airaid kits are easy to install with long lasting quality. Airaid continues to develop industry leading premium filters and cold air filtration kits that add to your vehicle's performance.

Airaid also offers several related air induction items to improve performance. Modular Intake Tubes are a great addition to connect your Airaid cold air intake to your engine. Stock tubes typically restrict air flow to the throttle body. The Airaid Modular Intake Tube is smoother and flows up to 400 CFM more than stock tubes. Adding more air to the engine generally builds power. Modular Intake Tubes can be used with stock air boxes, but generally work to their peak potential with an Airaid cold air intake kit.

Poweraid Throttle Body Spacers are an interesting concept for the air induction system. The Poweraid spacer is placed in the air induction system tube just before the throttle body. When air passes through the spacer, it causes the air to spin. Spinning air continues through the throttle body. When this happens the velocity of the air makes the air and fuel mixture to atomize better in the combustion chamber. Typically users of the Poweraid see torque increases between 800 and 2,500 RPM. Fuel economy does increase for some users of the spacer. The same quality you expect from Airaid is found in the Poweraid throttle body spacer.