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Auto Meter Gauges

Auto Meter Competition Instruments are made to suit any need and every style from original classics to purpose built race cars and everything in between. Auto Meter's huge selection of gauges offers accurate easily read information and easy installation. JEGS carries many styles and sizes of Auto Meter gauges for vitals such as boost, RPM, speedometer, tachometer, temperature and more in-stock for quick delivery to your door. Since 1957 Auto Meter gauges are the first choice of top professional Drag Race, Circle Track and Off-Road race teams and for anyone who just wants a winning choice.

Auto Meter
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Auto Meter Gauges

Auto Meter is the undisputed heavyweight in automotive gauge selection. With dozens of gauge styles and sizes, everyone can find an Auto Meter gauge or gauge package that looks right and works well for their application. They also offer top quality and accuracy. After all, gauges are precision instruments that need to indicate accurate conditions in the car. Hot rodders and the show crowd can choose from many options and styles to add tough and accurate gauges to their performance vehicles. Racers appreciate the quality, accuracy and large displays offered on Auto Meter gauges. Monster Tachs are helpful with a large, easy to read display. Other Auto Meter race gauge items include shift lights and pressure loss warning lights.

Tachometers are ultra-important in racing. Since it measures the RPM of the engine, you can use the tach to monitor engine RPM during launch or to tell you when to shift. Over revving cab also be avoided. Some Auto Meter Tachs have built in shift lights to make it easier to see your next shift. You can choose in dash or pedestal mount depending on your preferred placement. Auto Meter tachs are availble in numerous design styles as well as large - monster - tachometers made mostly for racing. Most racers and performance based vehicles want the tach up in plain view for the driver to see at all times, while more refined vehicles typically choose a dash mounted style. Most Auto Meter gauge styles have a 5 inch diameter monster tach available. This allows you to put some gauges in the dash and a monster tach up in the driver's sight line.

Speedometers are the one instrument it's hard to do without on the street. There's a time and a place for everything and speeding on the street is out. At the track, speedometers can let you know how you're car is performing and help you resolve performance issues. Auto Meter speedometer design choices are endless. Like the rest of the Auto Meter line, there's a speedometer for every need. Highly styled or more utilitarian, Auto Meter has the right speedo gauge.

Temperature Gauges are critical to monitor vital engine funtions. Early warning of increased engine temperature can save you from overheating and worse, warped engine parts. Auto Meter Temperature Gauges are available in many styles. Depending on the product chosen, functions include short or full sweep face, pedestal mount, in dash mount, digital, tubing or wire harness, programming capabilities to allow