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Baer Brakes

Baer Brakes are known worldwide for superior braking performance and outstanding quality. Baer offers everything from replacement brake rotors & brake pads that far exceed OE equipment performance to all out racing 6-piston forged monoblock caliper brake kits. Baer also has big brake kits for street use to improve braking in everyday driving situations. Baer Brakes also offers many upgrade and conversion brake kits for popular cars and trucks in a variety of performance levels to fit your driving conditions and requirements. JEGS has Baer brake pads and components in stock and ready to ship to your door at the absolute lowest prices because we want to be your #1 source for Baer Brake Systems.

Baer Brake Systems & Component Information

The ultimate in stopping power are Baer Braking Systems. Upgrading to larger front disc brakes with Baer brake pads is a popular upgrade for many performance minded drivers. There is really not much more important than stopping a vehicle on the street. Baer has an industry leading line of braking products to improve your stopping distance. Choose from direct fit OE type DecelaRotors for daily driving and entry level performance or select a road racing product for the ultimate in braking performance.

Baer Brake Calipers - Baer brake calipers are radial mounted to adapt to custom projects easier. Caliper pistons are made of stainless steel to lower heat transfer to the brake fluid. Hot brake fluid is less effective and can lead to brake failure. Weather and dust seals are recessed to maximize their effectiveness. Recessed seals keep the seal away from the brake pad, which heats up to extreme levels that could ruin the seals.

Baer Brake Pads - Baer Decelapads are a great OEM upgrade to add stopping power without sacrificing everyday drivablility. Baer also offers Sport Touring brake pads made of a ceramic matrix. These pads give increased friction, low noise with light dust over most OEM brake pads.

Baer Brake - Complete Systems - Upgrading brakes for better stopping power is one of the better performance upgrades to perform. Baer offers complete kits to allow bolt-up stopping power. You could piece together a brake system as an upgrade, but that can lead to any number of problems. Problems with your braking system are exactly what you want to avoid. With a complete brake kit, you won't have to trial and error test to see what works. Baer brake kits bolt up and are engineered to work for your vehicle.

Choose from several different Baer brake packages to suit your driving style and needs. Baer Alumasport brake systems are an entry level kit to upgrade stock brakes. You can see performance increases of up to 20%. Extreme and Extreme Plus systems are similar. The Extreme version uses the Bear Claw one piece rotor while the Extrem-Plus uses a 2 piece rotor. These 2 systems are intended for street use and the track. They use 6 piston calipers for excellent, even clamping power. If you are a late model Mustang or Subaru WRX owner, the Baer Claw GT system might be the right brake kit for you. It offers large cross drilled rotors and 2 piston pin driven calipers for great stopping power. Step up to the Baer Claw GT Plus kit for even better performance. It comes with 6 piston calipers and large cross-drilled rotors. Baer also offers the Iron Sport, Pro-Plus, Serious Street, Track 4, Sport, Track and Track Plus. Don't forget Baer Brake Pads when you're ready to replace your pads.