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For over 50 years Banks Power has lead the high performance industry as a designer and manufacturer of power increasing products for the diesel and gas truck market. Founded by pioneer Gale Banks, Banks Power has been first to market with many of its patented performance products. From the first stages of engineering prototypes, to testing products on site, and the final production, Banks Power offers the highest quality product in high performance. From cold air kits to, exhaust systems, turbochargers, fuel injection & engine management systems, programmers, torque converters and many more diesel and gas performance items, Banks produces it for your racing, off road or street application.

Banks - Performance Information

One of the leaders in diesel and gasoline performance products is Banks. For years, they have been at the forefront of tuning, turbo-charging, drive-train and more. Their engineers are some of the best available and they show it with every new innovation. These engineers design, develop and test new components that build power both mechanically and electrically through electronic engine tuning. They've produced project vehicles with multiple turbos to develop wild horsepower. Banks products are tested rigorously over and over again to insure they perform and last as expected. Their testing process also enables them to produce electronic components that are easy to use and compatible with the vehicles they are used on. From engineering to the manufacturing process, Banks demands quality in all of its products so you receive a performance part of electronic tuner that works beyond your expectations.

Banks air filter systems are designed to flow significantly better than stock air boxes and filters. Sharp bends and smoothly shaped tubes allow air to move freely through Banks intake systems, building power and performance. Most filter systems are made to work with stock sensors for minimal upgrade costs. They are easy to install in the factory location. Air kits also include a free flowing dome shaped cotton gauze reusable filter.