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Belltech Suspension Lowering

Rooted in the beginnings of the performance truck lowering market, Belltech develpoped the early drop spindles. When the lowered truck craze hit, there were no products to lower a specific truck. Hot rodders being what they are, most replaced springs with similar sized springs that would get the stance they wanted. Some heated springs to put bends in that would drop the truck on the ground. Meanwhile, most of these types of lowering jobs made the truck ride poorly and in some cases dangerous. Belltech saw the solution: Drop spindles. Belltech began by making drop spindles for Chevrolet trucks. These allowed the truck to be lowered to the ground and retain most of their stock geometry. This increased safety and the ride. Of course the stance provided was the coolest of the day! Belltech went on to develop drop spindles for many makes and models, allowing Ford and other mini-truckers to get that great ride as well.

Out back, suspension kits were built to help lower trucks with leaf spring and coil springs. Drop shackles, dropped hanger kits, flip kits and lowered coil springs were developed to correctly lower the rear of sport trucks. This combination of dropped spindles and rear lower kits provided a performance enhancing look to sport trucks and was the beginning of the growth of other Belltech products that we see today!