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Borgeson has been supplying steering universal joints for street rods and racing vehicles for many years. In that time, they have developed their needle bearing universal joints into the most reliable, smoothest operating, strongest for their size, u-joints available. Today, Borgeson is the leading manufacturer and supplier of aftermarket steering universal joints in the Street Rod, Racing, Specialty Automotive and Pickup Truck markets. Borgeson also offers street rod accessories, steering boxes, steering shafts and other components to keep you going in the right direction. With super low prices and huge in stock inventory, JEGS can have Borgeson steering products to your door quickly!

Borgeson Steering Components

Leading the steering u-joint and steering shaft market is, Borgeson. Since 1914, they have been making steering products for a number of different markets. Hot rodders see their products at shows everywhere. If you want to connect a Mustang II rack and an aftermarket steering column, you need Borgeson u-joints and steering shaft. Borgeson also makes OEM style replacement parts. Borgeson remains a high quality manufacturer with a diverse steering product line.

Borgeson is most known for their needle bearing universal joints used in steering setups. U-joints are high quality sealed units that require no maintenance. Since they use needle bearings, they are smooth and last a very long time. Double u-joints are also available if you need the extra angle of a double u-joint.

Borgeson steering shafts come in 3 styles: Splined, Double D and Telescopic. They are available in 3/4 inch and larger diameter/width sizes. Splined shaft is made of aluminum, steel or stainless steel from 2 inches to 36 inches long. Special lengths are also avilable in regular and polished stainless steel shaft. Double D shaft is the easiest to use. It comes in steel, stainless steel and polished stainless steel. Double D shaft is shaped like 2 D's put together with one turned backwards. You end up with a profile with 2 flat sides and 2 round sides. This allows you to cut it at any length. Borgeson splined shafts have to be purchased nearly the correct length because the splines are milled into the end only. Telescopic shafts, when installed correctly, provide a better measure of safety over solid steering shaft. Because it collapses, these types are typically easier to remove from a vehicle and are safer if it needs to collapse in an accident. Better to collapse than be pushed into the driver.

Borgeson offers many other steering products including a selection of power and manual steering boxes for direct bolt in an conversions, other steering connection products, retro-fit products for older vehicles, bolt in replacement to upgrade OEM steering gear and more.

Borgeson is the leader in steering. When you see their quality and selection, you'll know why.