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Braille Battery

Braille Auto Batteries

Most of us want to go fast. We usually think of building horsepower to build speed. Think about one of your heavier vehicle components - your battery. Most batteries are heavy, adding signifacantly to the overall weight of your race car. Braille Auto Batteries came up with a line of lightweight batteries that perform as well, or better, than standard batteries. This gives you an edge. Lighten the load and you'll increase speed.

The Braille Auto line of batteries consists of high tech low weight batteries. Most are made to mount in almost any position (see product details for mounting). That gives you the flexibility to mount the battery in more places to distribute the battery's weight where you want it. Several battery types are available. Choose from No Weight Batteries, Carbon Fiber, Endurance, Lithium Batteries and a host of battery chargers and accessories.