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Bully Dog

Bully Dog Information

Bully Dog is a leader in the diesel performance arena. They are continually developing new products which improve diesel engine performance or increase fuel mileage. Diesel engines can be improved a number of ways. Bully Dog builds electronic engine tuners and modules, exhaust kits, air intake kits and more for diesel applications. Many electronic products let you select the performance level. You can dial in more power or better fuel mileage in any number of variations and settings. You can choose the performance result. Each product is engineered and tested thoroughly in across the United States so you get the performance part that you expect. By testing in multiple locations, Bully dog can be sure that a part installed in Utah will work just as well in Pennsylvania, Texas or Maine. To go one step further: Testing is done in different weather conditions and under varing loads. These methods further insure that you are getting useful products made to increase performance.

Recently, Bully Dog has launched a line of performance parts for gasoline powered vehicles. Many of the same product development principles apply to gasoline based performance parts.

Bully Dog developed the WatchDog, a digital engine control and management tool used to increase fuel mileage. By monitoring over 20 engine parameters, the WatchDog can coach you on tips to reduce fuel costs by increasing fuel mileage. It works with vehicles 1996 and newer through the OBD II port. Some of the 20 engine parameters may not be read by the WatchDog, depending on your vehicle. This is just one of the many useful engine programming tuners from Bully Dog.

Bully Dog exhaust systems are quality made of aluminized or stailess steel with smooth bends to minimize exhaust restrictions. Smooth flowing exhaust is important on most vehicles including turbo charged trucks because it reduces the exhaust temperature. This in turn increases power and performance.

Bully Dog Cold Air Induction Systems allow engines to breathe better with increased horsepower, torque and improved fuel efficiency. They also lower exhaust gas temperatures, resulting in performance gains. Cold air induction systems have shown 10 percent great air flow, 10 degree lower intake temperatures, 10-15 more horsepower, 10-30 ft.lbs of torque and more. Block out the heat with a Bully Dog Cold Air Induction System.