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Bushwacker had built a reputation as the leading manufacturer of fender flares and truck accessories on almost 40 years of design and innovation. Their commitment to style and innovation is a part of every product they make. All designs are meticulously scrutinized for every detail, using the latest standards in design and manufacturing.

Their Free Limited Lifetime Guarantee testifies that when you buy Bushwacker, you know you will have a product that will last. It's their commitment to the automotive aftermarket that drives their style and their commitment to a quality product.

Bushwacker Body Gear

Bushwacker Fender Flares

Bushwacker has made a name for itself making some rough and tough fender flares for trucks, Jeeps, Broncos and a lot of other off road vehicles. Think about how much abuse the wheel well and fender area takes. Rocks, mud, sand and lots of other nasty stuff gets thrown into that area. Bushwacker makes some seriously tough fender flares from the best materials to reduce or eliminate chips from debris flying off the tires. For those with oversized tires, fender flares are a must. Once you get the wheel and tire outside of the fender, you risk throwing objects off the tire onto the body. Bushwacker fender flares come in several styles and truck applications. If you want fender flares to stick out a little or a lot, Bushwacker has a pair for your needs.

Trail Armor - Bushwacker makes some pretty slick trail armor pieces to protect Jeep bodies from scrapes and scrathces. All Trail Armor pieces are made to fit to the Jeep's contours exactly. TrailArmor requires no drilling to install. Adhesive tape is used instead of screws. Cover the nose of your Jeep with any of several protective pieces from Bushwacker.