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Cloyes Timing Chains

Cloyes CoverCloyes is the leader in timing chains. Since 1921, Cloyes has been developing timing chains for OEM and the automotive aftermarket. Today, they are the largest timing chain manufacturer. They got there by building quality, well engineered products that meet or exceed the expectations of the customer. They were the inventor of the True Roller Timing Chain. Cloyes True Roller timing chains have hardened cast iron or ductile iron sprockets for superior durability against wear. Chains are full roller with the rollers hardened, again for durability.

Cloyes Hex-A-Just Timing System A newer product, the Hex-A-Just timing system makes cam timing easier. You loosen the gear/cam bolts and turn the use the cam timing bolt to adjust the cam timing and tighten the cam/gear bolts back down. The system is unique and offers infinite cam adjustments.

If you like that blower whine, Cloyes also makes gear drive systems. Gear drives are a good alternative to timing chains. Cloyes gear drive systems are a dual idler gear setup and are cut from billet steel and heat treated for a durable gear. Heavy duty idler shafts make the Cloyes gear drive unit accurate power strokes. The crank gear is a 3 keyway style. Cam timing djustment is + or - 4 degrees. Cloyes gear drives are available for most small and big block Chevy engines as well as small block Fords.