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Coker Tire

Coker Tire - Vintage Tires

Vintage tires have a certain look and nostalgic feel that you can't ignore. Think back to the early days of hot rodding and you'll see the bias ply whitewall tires of yesteryear. They sit looking perfect on old school smoothie or spoked rims on a smooth old Model T. Or think about the Firestone Dragster tires that lit up the strips back in the day. They look just right on nostalgia rides. Coker made them live again. Coker Tire is the leading vintage tire maker. They acquired the original moulds from major brands like Firestone, BF Goodrich and others to deliver better than original tires that look the same. Make your old ride look factory fresh again.

Coker has Whitewall Tires, Redline Tires, Blackwall Tires and many others. The next time you're looking for tires, consider Coker Tires for a nostalgic look back in automotive history and to give your car that period look.