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Covercraft has been protecting our rides for over forty years, so they know how to do it correctly. They have several options to cover your car and protect it well. From simply keeping the dust off your baby in the garage, or mother natures worst when its not, they make it and JEGS has it. Covercraft covers also withstand the test of time and the elements plus they fit better than any other cover on the market. So when its time to park your ride and you want to protect it, trust Covercraft.

Covercraft Car Covers & Covercraft Front End Masks

You've spent a lot of time building your dream car. The paint is near flawless, bumpers shine like the sun. You don't want to just park it in the corner of the garage uncovered. Garage dust can settle on the paint over any period of time. You have to be very careful cleaning the car up to make sure you don't scratch it. If your garage is like most, other things are going on in the garage that could potentially damage or scratch a vehicle. Covercraft offers several custom fit car and truck covers that could prevent damages like paint and chrome scratches. Plus, you won't have the amount of cleanup if you park your car over the winter under a Covercraft car cover. If you have nice paint and chrome, cover it up and protect it.

If you don't have a garage or covered area to keep your vehicle in, the next best thing is an all weather car cover. Covercraft choices are endless with varying fabrics, colors, custom fit applications, UV protection, resistance to outdoor issues (tree sap, birds, etc.) and more. You can choose the Covercraft car cover that is perfect for your needs and budget.

Don't lead with your nose!. The front of a car usually takes a lot of abuse from rocks and other road debris. Prevent most of those small rock chips that mysteriously appear on the nose of a vehicle with a front end mask. Covercraft masks are made to fit specific vehicles and offer the protection you need. Full masks, hood masks and other front end masks are available from Covercraft.