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Cragar Wheels

Cragar Wheels - Rims

Hot Rodding would not be the same without Cragar Wheels. They are a legend in hot rodding dating back around 60 years to the beginning of rodding. Over the years, Cragar has built some legendary wheels that have become icons. Most notably, the Cragar S/S is one such wheel that now takes on rock star status in the wheel world. Many others have copied the design, altered it with a slightly different shape or material and made their version of the Cragar S/S. Cragar themselves offer a number of different styles of the S/S rim. You can get the original style S/S and several others with aluminum finishes. Cragar makes the modern version called the 500 Series Eliminator as well as an ultra-modern version of the S/S called the 600 Series S/S. All are 5 spoke wheels with the shape of each spoke being the main difference.

With Cragar, the list of wheels goes on and on. From Chrome Smoothies and Rally rims to the 441 Series, Cragar makes a wide range of quality wheels in a variety of popular sizes. Each main style of wheel usually comes with several variations of aluminum finishes to mix and match wheel styles. You might want a black center and a natural aluminum finish on your S/S wheels. Or, you might want an S/S rim with a natural aluminium center and a polished machined outer rim. Cragar makes it possible with many options to chooce from. You should be able to find a Cragar wheel you like for your hot rod, muscle car, street truck or whatever you roll in. And, you'll look good in it with Cragar wheels on it.