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The secret to Crower's lasting success, according to Dave Crower, vice president and general manager of Crower, is that basically they make what people ask for. They do it with better quality than anyone else, plus they do it lighter, which is the key to quicker elapsed times. A lighter internal rotating mass allows an engine to rev quicker. The faster you make power with an engine, the faster you can apply it on the track. Not one to compromise the strength and integrity of Crower's products, Crower uses USA milled materials in its manufacturing. The Crower philosophy has always been that If a Crower product is made right the first time, using the highest quality materials and the latest production methods, it will perform flawlessly to it's intended ability.

Crower History

The name Crower has been in automotive performance circles from Arizona to Indianapolis and countless race tracks across the country. They are a leading manufacturer of high quality cam and valvetrain products that win races. The Crower racing story goes back to 1949. From then to now, their one driving influence has been quality products that win races. Crower's research and development facility is used to produce prototype engine parts to test and improve to eventually offer to automotive enthusiasts. Each product is completely tested to be sure that customers that purchase the product are completely satisfied with it. Bruce Crower was inducted into the Drag Racing Hall of Fame in 1993 for his dedication and hard work in the industry.