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Duplicolor Paint Products

Duplicolor Brake Caliper Paint Kits - If you have custom wheels with wide openings, you'll want to clean up and paint your brake calipers. Large wheels give plenty of space to look back into the braking area. The kit comes with the items you need to prep and refinish your brake calipers. The kit includes: masking tape, caliper cleaner, paint brush and instructions. You don't even have to remove your calipers with this Duplicolor kit. Available in 5 popular colors.

Duplicolor Engine Enamel & High Heat Paint - Engines and other high temp areas require paint that can handle the heat. Engine bays receive any number of liquid products that are harsh on paint. Duplicolor engine enamels and high heat paint contain ceranic resins to aid in heat dissipation and to retain the glossy surface longer. Duplicolor engine enamel with Ceramic resists temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahr. The durable ceramic formula provides a superior high gloss finish that will not crack, peel, blister or flake off. Duplicolor has 36 colors matched by OEM standards. There are 6 classic colors and 7 hot. Duplicolor High Heat Paint with ceramic is used where temperatures may reach up to 1200 degrees Fahr. (not continuous heat of 1,200 degrees). The durable ceramic formulation provides a tough cured finish that resists rust, gas, oil, grease, salt and many other solvents. Duplicolor High Heat Paint is available in 6 colors.

Duplicolor Paint Shop - Do it yourself automotive painting didn't really exist until Duplicolor made it easier. The Paint Shop Finish System gives you what you need to create a high-quality finish yourself. Paint Shop paints are high quality Laquer based systems made specifically for auto and motorcycle paint projects. The system has a primer, color coat and clear coat. Duplicolor Paint Shop dries quickly and can be buffed to a lustrous smooth finish. Duplicolor made it easy by providing the paint ready to shoot. No mixing or reducing is needed for application. You can recoat any time.

Duplicolor Truck Bed Coating - Keep that bed in new shape with a bed coating coat from Duplicolor. In the past, a spray on bed liner was done by professionals, costing a pretty penny. Duplicolor made it easy for you to do it yourself. This truck bed coating is durable with a non-skid coating. It will protect your bed from some dents and scratches as well as weather and rust. Duplicolor truck bed coating is a black vinyl polymer that looks much like a professional sprayed on liner when applied correctly. You can spray, roll or brush this truck bed coating on.