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DynoMax offers the widest selection of high performance exhaust products on the market today. You can build ryour own custom system with steel exhaust tubing or install a kit. DynoMax has it all: Sound, performance and durability. When you want to give your vehicle that power boost, the Dynomax performance parts are the best choice. These are carefully tuned and engineered for each application. For performance-oriented enthusiast, the smartest additions to have for their agile vehicles are the Dynomax exhaust systems. These work by efficiently venting out waste gases away from the engine through series of high flow exhaust pipes. These allow the engine to provide a more productive output.

Dynomax Exhaust

For pure street and track thumping power, look to Dynomax for your next exhaust system change. They offer a number of exhaust products for popular cars, trucks and SUV's. With so many products to choose from, you can find the right sound and performance exhaust product for your ride. Try Dynomax stainless steel exhaust kits for long lasting performance.

Dynomax Mufflers - Several different mufflers are available from Dynomax. Choose from different performance levels, stainless steel construction and sound levels for that throaty street growl. Mufflers are made for low restriction to flow as much exahaust as possible. Conventional muffler shapes as well as limited space mufflers are available in stainless steel and other materials.

Dynomax Exhaust Kits - If you are looking for a cat-back exhaust system that provides good performance, quality construction and a street sound, try the Dynomax line of exhaust kits. They are available for Corvette, Camaro, Firebird, diesel trucks, gasoline trucks, Jeep, Mustang, sport compact cars and Mopar vehicles. Some kits are available in stainless steel. All kits include mandrel bent tubing with low restriction flow.