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Flaming River
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Steering Column Buyers Guide - There are several options to consider if you are thinking about replacing your stock steering column. Flaming River builds some steering columns as direct fit replacements. They are specifically made for a particular vehicle, eliminating custom installation challenges. Direct replacement columns are available for most popular GM, Ford and Mopar vehicles as well as some Jeep applications. Direct fit columns can usually be purchased in several configurations. Depending on your car and transmission type, you may want the shifter on the column or the floor. You can also choose to have the ignition built into the column. Some will want a dash mounted set-up eliminating the need for a column switch.

Custom steering columns are slightly more challenging to choose options on and install. First, you must check the length of column you need. Careful consideration must be taken for the steering box or rack location. There is usually some adjustment to move the column a small amount through the firewall toward the front of the vehicle. Another important consideration is the distance from the driver to the column. You don't want the column too close to you when you're driving the vehicle. That can be dangerous and uncomfortable. Careful measurements should be taken to insure proper fit. As with direct fit columns, you may choose the finish, shifter location and ignition switch location. For most applications, you may choose between a standard style, tilt column or a telescoping tilt steering column. Other specialty columns are available from Flaming River. Please review each product listing for specific information.

Steering Column U-Joints - One of the most common u-joints on the market today for hot rodders is the single u-joint. Flaming River makes them to fit a number of different steering shafts to hook almost any steering gear up. Single u-joints are commonly used to hook up Mustang II and other rack and pinion steering systems. Combined with Double D shaft, or splined shaft, hot rodders can work around headers and other obstructions to connect the steering column at the firewall down to the rack under the engine. Specialty u-joints are also available. Flaming River makes double u-joints where more flexibility is needed. There are also material options depending on your needs.

Steering Shaft - Connecting u-joints is easy with steering shaft from Flaming River. Double D shaped steering shaft if the easiest type to use. It is available in stainless steel and steel. Double D shaft is uniform in cross section shape allowing you to cut it to length and connect your u-joints together. Splined shaft is typically the best choice for strength, but must be bought in the correct lenghts. Splines do not run the length of the rod. Depending on the part you buy, the splines are typically only milled into the ends about 2 inches long. Steering rod is also sold in different diameters. 3/4 inch is a common size. Splined shafts are usually 36 or 48 spline with other specialty shafts available.