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The brand name "Flex-a-lite" serves, the passenger car, or automotive aftermarket, with belt-driven engine cooling fans, electric fans, transmission and engine oil coolers. Flex-a-lite designed the first plastic Heavy Duty truck fans in 1968 for Class VI & VIII trucks, and produced the first one-piece plastic truck fan in 1977, followed by the first injection molded truck fans in 1979. In 1978, Flex-a-lite developed the first electric engine cooling fan for the U.S.

Flex-a-lite Fans & Cooling Products

Flex-a-lite has been helping automotive enthusiasts cool their vehicles for 40+ years. Innovation and new product development along with efficient manufacturing processes allows them to deliver products that customers want.

Flex-a-lite offers an endless number of electric fans with several dimension options available. Usually the best fan choice is the one that covers the most area on the finned core of your radiator. A dual fan unit may flow more air, but a single fan that covers more area would likely cool better. To mount an electric fan, you typically need to know the dimensions of the finned area of you radiator as well as the distance (or clearance) between the engine and radiator. You will also need to know if you can rigidlly mount the fan, rather than mounting it through the radiator core. Rigid mounting with brackets is always preferable. Controlling an electric fan is also key to proper cooling. Electric fans usually are made to turn on at a specific engine temperature and turn off if the engine coolant temerature drops below a predetermined setting. Depending on your vehicle, an on-board or external thermostat can be used for this on/off control. Flex-a-lite offers vehicle specific cooling solutions as well as universal fans to fit street rods and other vehicles.

The Mojave heater unit is the perfect heater for those who want to minimize the heater on the firewall. This compact unit uses hot water as most OEM setups do. It is perfect for trucks, hot rods and any other application where size is an issue.