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The first Goodyear factory opened in Akron, Ohio in 1898. The thirteen original employees manufactured bicycle and carriage tires, rubber horseshoe pads and poker chips. Goodyear has changed from a fledgling company into one of the largest tire makers in the World! Goodyear develops tires for the race track in the form of the Goodyear Eagle in both a drag slick and a DOT Drag Radial. The Goodyear Eagle Drag Slick is a proven winner in many NHRA Drag Racing classes. With that kind of winning tradition, you know you can win on Goodyear Eagle Drag Slicks too! JEGS is proud to represent Goodyear racing tires because of Goodyear's dedication to quality, drag racing support and tradition!

Goodyear Drag Tires

Goodyear lives and breathes racing tires. It is the sole, or main supplier for many national racing series from NHRA drag racing to NASCAR. As one of the worlds oldest tire makers, Goodyear has been involved in racing for many decades. This history equates to research and development time that is unmatched in the racing tire world. Race tires are highly specialized. Tire compound, contact patch and tire/sidewall construction are among the chief concerns when building race winning tires. Goodyear continually tests and improves all of their race tires to give you the edge at the track. Budgets are also a major concern. Goodyear is addressing the problem by building tires that require less burnout to heat up thus extending the life of the tire. Goodyear technology and racing heritage provides you with the best chance to win. Try a set of Goodyear slicks on the back or front runners on your drag car!