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Hawk Brake Pads

Hawk Performance brand disk brake pads are manufactured by Wellman Products Group, the world's leader in severe-duty friction products. Hawk Performance high performance disc brake pads have been in the Motorsports arena for more than 15 years and the brand has outperformed the competition and gained a loyal race and street following. If you want superior stopping power on the street or track, trust Hawk brake pads. JEGS carries Hawk Performance Brake Pads in stock at the lowest prices guaranteed.

Hawk Performance

Hawk Performance is a leading manufacturer of high performance brake pads for the street and track. Hawk is owned by Wellman Products Group, a friction products manufacturer with over 100 years of experience developing friction products for demanding environments.

Hawk on the Circle Track - There are a number of different Hawk brake pads available for paved and dirt circle track racing. They design and develop these pads for the specific challenges faced by circle track racers. Different brake compounds are available to suit your driving style and track conditions. Choosing the right brake compound can give you the advantage over your competition. They continue to test and improve their brake products so you keep the racing advantage offered by Hawk.

Sports Car/GT/Road Racing - Sports car racing offers up a whole new set of braking challenges. Many compounds are available to suit your individual driving style and track styles. Hawk is a leader in friction material, giving you the advantange over your competitors. Remember, there are 2 ways to pass: Accelerate with power or out-brake them to the corners. Hawk brake pads can give you the braking edge on sports car courses.

Performance Street - Whether you want better stopping ability for everyday driving or a dual purpose brake pad for a daily driver/occasional race car, Hawk can hook you up with the right friction material. Again, there are several brake compounds available to suit your needs. The Performance brake part line is street legal.