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Holley Performance
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Holley - Performance Legend

There is probably no greater name in hot rodding and performance automobiles than Holley. For over 100 years they have been building carburetors and other fuel system components. They were an original equipment supplier on many cars from the Model A to the wildest muscle cars of their day. In the hot rodding 50's, Holley developed their first 4-barrel carburetor for the 1957 T-Bird. This carb served as the basis for future Holley 4-barrel carburetors.

Holley developed many of their legendary parts in the 1960's. Detroit was turning out muscle cars, and Holley's were feeding a big portion of them with 4 barrel carbs, six packs and tri-power setups. Serious muscle cars like the Boss Mustangs, Cobra, Big Block Chevrolets, Z28 Camaros and the monster Mopars had Holley carbs under the hood. Holley built the three deuce multi carb (Tri Power) set-ups on 427 Corvettes. Double Pumper Holleys were born in the 60's and became a legendary carburetor, the basis of the present double pumper lineup. Another legendary carb came out for NASCAR, the Holley Dominator.