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Holley Performance Products

Synonymous with carburetors, Holley has a history that predates the 1900s! Henry Ford encouraged the Holley brothers in 1903 to manufacture carburetors, which became the foundation of their expertise in automotive fuel system technology. Today, you can't attend a car show or motorsports event without Holley Carburetors under most of the hoods. Continue shopping JEGS for Dominators, Double Pumpers, and much more!

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From supplying carburetors in World War II to introducing the 4150 4-barrel carburetor in the 1950s to powering Pro Stock competitors since the 1960s, the Holley legacy is unrivaled and still flourishing. BOSS Mustang, Camaro Z28, 427 Corvette, and monster Mopar: performance is enhanced no matter the make.

Though too many milestones to list, let's hit a few more highlights. The blue electric fuel pump, popular in drag racing, arrived on the scene in the early 1970s, and the aluminum intake manifold soon followed. As the 1980s began, Holley was "the only carburetor manufacturer to offer entire fuel systems" and then entered the fuel injection market. The 1990s welcomed the HP Pro Series of race-ready carburetors, engine kits, HP Dominators, and digital Pro-Jection. Earl's Plumbing, Flowtech, Hooker Headers, Nitrous Oxide Systems, and Weiand were also acquired by the company.

Now well into the 2000s, we've seen Street Avenger, Truck Avenger, Street HP, and Ultra XP Carburetors and Avenger EFI, Terminator EFI, HP EFI, and Dominator EFI. The question is: What will Holley think of next?