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Jesel is the orignator of the modern racing belt drive system. They developed the belt drive system because Nascar racers were breaking timing chains in 500 mile races. Over the years, the Jesel belt drive system has only gotten more durable with improved features like external cam timing adjustments. Jesel is also known for other durable valvetrain components. They manufacture one of the finest shaft rocker systems and unmatched roller lifters on the market today. JEGS has the Jesel products you need at a price that can't be beat.

Jesel Belt Drives & Shaft Rockers

Belt drive systems are used for their durability, accuracy and ease of adjustment. Jesel was at the forefront of the development of the belt drive system. Over the years, Jesel has improved the components and developed different versions of its famous belt drive setup. Belts have gotten better by lasting longer and made to be stronger. Today's Jesel belt drives outlast the 24 hours of Le Mans and Daytona. They have also lasted an entire season of circle track racing. Any of those are extreme race conditions that would easily tax most engine parts.

There are certain advantages to running a Jesel belt drive system over a traditional chain. The spider is made of 2024-T6 billet aluminum. You can get it as a solid spider if you need the added strength. Adjusting cam timing is easier. Cam timing can be adjusted externally and is extremely accurate. Crank seals are Teflon coated and high vacuum. Jesel belts are reinforced for added strength. While they run dry, Jesel belts spin with less friction than timing chains or gear drives. Plus you get the added benefit of the belt reducing or eliminating harmonics that usually occur in timing chains and gear drive setups. Hardware is tough grade 8 for reliable strength.

Rhino Belts are available as an upgrade. They are engineered to be 10 times more durable than HSN belts. Another add-on from Jesel is the belt driven distributor. Because of the configuration, the distributor is no longer running down through the intake manifold, making it easier to change the manifold. Timing accuracy improves with a belt driven distributor. At high RPM, camshaft twisting will lead to innaccurate cam timing. If used with a crank trigger and ignition box, timing accuracy should be very accurate.

Stud rockers usually require adjustment fairly often if you're racing. Jesel Shaft Rockers are a great replacement because they require less maintenance, can hold up to radical cams and agressive springs. They are reliable and offer trouble free service.