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Kirkey Racing

Kirkey has been making race seats for over 25 years. Over that period, they have developed better seats for drag racing, road racing and dirt and asphalt ovals. They are one of the largest race seat manufacturers in the world. Amateur and professional drivers alike will appreciate the comfort and safety provided by a Kirkey lightweight race seat.

Most people don't think of the seat as a safety component. In a race car, a proper seat is vital to saving lives. The racing seat, harness and cage all make up a system that when installed correctly can save lives and prevent injuries. Kirkey has made it their mission to build strong, light and safe aluminum race seats at a price that racers can afford.

Kirkey seats are built in house at the Kirkey facility using modern CNC machines and skilled craftsmen. They also make covers for their race seats. Each of these is die cut for a perfect fit on the seat. Together, the seat and cover make up a comfortable and safe race seat that you will enjoy sitting in.