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Street Rodding wouldn't be the same without Lokar. Since 1988, the Lokar name has meant better choice and better quality in custom street rod accessories and performance parts. Lokar offers performance parts to make your hot rod unique and work better. From shifters, linkage and dipsticks to gas pedals, door handles, billet accessories and more, Lokar has the quality performance part accessories for your car. The fit and finish of the Lokar line is superb with attention to detail and quality built into every product.

You can't go wrong with Lokar and you can count on JEGS to have the street rod accessories you need at a price that can't be beat.

97 Part Types Results per Page:

Lokar Performance Products

It's easy to look at the Lokar product line and see their intentions. Each Lokar product is a quality made item that is intended to enhance the appearance of your car or to add reliability or usability. Affordability is also a concern, but it is secondary to the main points. Plus, many Lokar street rod accessories are universal in nature. The more applications you can make a part fit, the lower the price usually is to the customer. Most Lokar accessories are simple to install and include detailed instructions, especially for those parts that are more involved.

Shifters & Shifter Knobs - With all of the choices from Lokar, you don't have to install just any shifter in your car. You can install the style you want. Lokar offers shifters in a number of different styles: Floor mount, transmission mount, numerous shifter handles/styles and many shifter knob options. You can match the shifter to your car!

Interior Accessories - Nobody wants to go to a car show and see the same cars with the same street rod accessories. Lokar offers unique interior door handles and window cranks, dash inserts, billet column dressup items, hood and trunk release kits and more. All will add style and a unique feel to your ride.

Emergency Brakes - Besides the obvious safety features that come along with an emergency brake setup, Lokar has several kits that add good looks under the dash. Many early vehicles did not have pretty emergency brake setups under the dash. Lokar has several to enhance your old emergency brake.

Throtte Cables & Kickdowns - Another often overlooked area of a hot rod or muscle car is the throttle linkage. It is important for both safety and looks. Lokar solved this problem by offering gorgeous throttle cable and kickdown kits for many popular applications in plain look and a very nice stainless steel version. They also offer several throttle cable accessories to make installation easier.

Throtte (Pedal) Assemblies - Chances are that old gas or brake pedal in your old car is looking shabby. Dress it up with one of Lokar's many throttle/brake assemblies. They all have a distinctive look all their own to give you a unique dressup item for your car or truck. Some are purpose built to fit particular vehicles and some throttle assemblies are universal.

Engine & Transmission Dipsticks - Often overlooked, the dipstick can stick out like a sore thumb. Dress it up with a Lokar dipstick. Several versions are available. Transmission dipsticks are made in several variations and mounting locations, including the firewall. Engine dipsticks also come with many options. Replace that old curly steel stick with a stainless steel stick from Lokar.