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Magnaflow Exhaust

From stainless steel mufflers to cat-back systems to customizable pipe kits, Magnaflow rolls three decades of experience into quality USA-made exhaust components. All products are evaluated by engineers and field-tested to meet the highest standards. Quality without power won't pass the test, and power without the proper sound won't pass the test. You can rely on Magnaflow for real results

Magnaflow began as a natural extension of its parent company, Car Sound Exhaust Systems, Inc., that specialized in catalytic converter technology. Today, the market-leading tradition established by CSES continues via superior automotive exhaust components.

When looking for mufflers that produce an unmistakable sound, Magnaflow offers many stainless steel options: satin finish, polished, Race Series, oversized (XL Series), and diesel. There are also straight-through glasspack mufflers with aluminized bodies. Available catalytic converters include direct fit; direct fit for California emissions; 49-state or California emissions that predate OBD-II vehicles; 49-state, California emissions, or Federal emissions for OBD-II vehicles; and 49-state diesel.

Magnaflow's stainless steel exhaust systems come in cat-back, axle-back, manifold-back, and crossmember-back configurations. Most bolt right on; all provide exceptional performance and a lifetime warranty. Cat-back setups are common among countless applications; crossmember-back is popular on muscle cars. Check out axle-back exhaust for Mustang, manifold-back systems for Corvette, and off-road exhaust kits for trucks & Jeep Wranglers with modified suspensions. If none of those suit you, build your own exhaust using separate pipes, connectors, hangers, etc. from Magnaflow. No hot rod will be left behind!