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Magnaflow Exhaust

Magnaflow began as a natural extension of its parent company, Car Sound Exhaust Systems, Inc., that specialized in catalytic converter technology. Today, the market-leading tradition established by CSES continues via superior automotive exhaust components.

When looking for mufflers that produce an unmistakable sound, Magnaflow offers many stainless steel options: satin finish, polished, Race Series, oversized (XL Series), and diesel. There are also straight-through glasspack mufflers with aluminized bodies. Available catalytic converters include direct fit; direct fit for California emissions; 49-state or California emissions that predate OBD-II vehicles; 49-state, California emissions, or Federal emissions for OBD-II vehicles; and 49-state diesel.

Magnaflow's stainless steel exhaust systems come in cat-back, axle-back, manifold-back, and crossmember-back configurations. Most bolt right on; all provide exceptional performance and a lifetime warranty. Cat-back setups are common among countless applications; crossmember-back is popular on muscle cars. Check out axle-back exhaust for Mustang, manifold-back systems for Corvette, and off-road exhaust kits for trucks & Jeep Wranglers with modified suspensions. If none of those suit you, build your own exhaust using separate pipes, connectors, hangers, etc. from Magnaflow. No hot rod will be left behind!