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March Performance
March Performance
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March Performance Overview

March Performance pulley kits are developed to add style to a part of the engine that is not usually attractive. Since the front of the engine is typically easy to see, March dresses it up with polished billet brackets, pulleys and more. Plus, add a good polish and you'll have an impressive engine! Systems are CNC machined to precise tolerances. This insures pulleys run true and fit perfectly. Mounting brackets use existing holes. You will not need to drill into your heads for a mounting point. Most kits offer higher flow for better cooling and lower engine temperatures. Most kits utilize a serpentine belt. This type of belt can give you more pulley surface contact over pulley to pulley belts. March pulley tensioning rods use strong stainless steel rods with chrome moly rod ends.

Serpentine conversion kits are available for most Ford small and big block engines, Chevrolet small block, LS and Big block as well as some Chrysler, Pontiac and Oldsmobile engines. There are also a number of options for each engine package to suit your power steering, alternator and AC needs. March products come with a great warranty.