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Milodon Oil Pans

Oil pan design is important to insure you get an adequate oil supply to your internal engine components. Milodon oil pans are designed for each style of racing they will be used in as well as the engine and vehicle that it will be installed in. Given the location of the oil pan, the shape is key. You have to keep the inside shape correct to match the internal engine characteristics while maintaining space between the outside of the oil pan and crossmembers, headers, steering gear or suspension components, some of which are moving near the Milodon oil pan. Another important aspect is oil capacity. The shape and size of the pan are influenced by the space and engine specifications, but oil capacity has to be sufficient for each application.

Milodon oil pans are engineered for oil control to maintain oil is pumping correctly throughout the engine. Windage trays and scrapers are used to direct oil flow when needed or required. Using these allows better maximum power and can insure oil is pumping.

Milodon builds street and race oil pans in a number of different shapes for most common engines. High capacity pans are a must for some racing series to keep the engine lubricated under extreme conditions. Usually the extreme conditions are a long race or major intense heat and power as a drag race might afford. Circle track cars can have oil control problems as the oil is forced to the outside of the car while speeding through the turns. Off roaders can have issues with extreme angles or movement of the vehicle rapidly over bumps. Maintaining oil pressure in all situations is a must. Milodon oil pans will help you control oil and maximize horsepower.