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Painless Performance Wiring

A company named Painless, has to make things easier for you! We all have our bad electrical stories. Needless to say, automotive electrics can be troublesome. If you've never wired an entire vehicle, you can imagine how confusing it can be. At Painless Performance, wiring is made easy. Engineers design electrical systems and harnesses to make them easy to install. Detailed instructions are included, but tech support is only a call away for further help. Another very important trait of a good wiring harness is quality. All of the individual pieces of a harness have to be quality. A connector can be a weak link even if it's attached to the best wiring. Painless Performance uses quality wiring and components to deliver wiring harnesses that work.

Wiring Harnesses - Installing a partial or full wiring harness is easier with Painless. Oranization is the key to being able to install a premade harness without headaches. Painless kits are made so you can route sections of the vehicle at a time. Running individual wires is time consuming. The Painless way is much faster. They engineer their kits to be simpler. Each wire is individually marked for easy recognition and wire termination.

Fuel Injection Wiring Harnesses- Every fuel injection harness is tested before it is put in the customer's hands. That commitment to consistency ensures that you receive a wiring product that works when you install it. The test verifies that each connector is attached properly, pinouts are correct and all wires maintain continuity.